Art Therapy (June 19)

This event is Free! 

While our  series is free to attend, we greatly appreciate any donations to support our ongoing wellness programs. Your contribution helps us create more impactful events for our community.

Explore your creative side with Brushes on the Bridge, an art therapy event at Breathe on the Bridge! Unleash your imagination and find relaxation through art.

  • Express Yourself: Let your creativity flow with guided art exercises.

  • Mindful Reflection: Use art as a form of meditation and self-discovery.

  • Community Interaction: Share your creations and experiences with others.

  • Artistic Guidance: Learn from skilled artists as you embark on your creative journey.

🗓️ Date: June 19, 2024
🕖 Time: 7 pm (Session begins at 7:30 pm)
🏢 Venue: Steele Bridge
📍 Location: 125 Ted Turner Drive SW

Pick up a brush and express yourself!


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